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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

That's Enough About My Hair

A lady stopped me the other day to compliment me on my hair...then she asked me when did I "go natural," how long had I been.  Why do some assume we all had perms and had to "go natural."  I did get a relaxer, back in the 80s, but I only did that for a short time. It was almost a hairdo. It was definitely not a lifestyle. I have worn my natural hair 41 of my 42 years. I never considered myself as one going natural. The state of my hair is the one that always was. I think we should all be a bit more classy about how we address one another. She could have stopped at, "your hair is so pretty, can you tell me how you do that style?"

The style, by the way, is a flat twist out (a two strand twist that is twisted similar to a cornrow, starting with a small section, divided in two, then picking up a bit of hair on each twist and joining it into one of the two sections as you work your way down the parted section). I washed my hair and while wet and very well conditioned combed it all to one side, then parted from my left temple across my head to the right and flat twisted one section at a time for a total of 6 sections. I wore it like that for a day while it dried completely. (I could have just sat under the dryer...but  the style was cute enough). Then I un-twisted them and fluffed the parts away.

Beautiful large curls.