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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Housewarming Throw Pattern

My Sister-in-Law was having a housewarming party and, short on time I found some lovely Red Heart and put together this quick throw.

5 skeins Red Heart Super Saver Multi (I used color 0981 Fall) 244 yards each
Size H hook

Finished size: Approximately 38"x54"

V-stitch: Dc, ch1, dc in designated stitch or space

Ch 124

Row 1. V-stitch in 5th ch from hook. [Sk 2 ch, v-stitch] across, dc in last st. Ch3, turn.

Row 2. V-stitch in the ch1 space of the v-stitch in the row below, across. DC in top of the skipped ch4. Ch 3, turn.

Row 3-6. Repeat in V-stich

Row 7-8. Hdc in each st and ch sp across.

(Pattern: 6 rows of V-stitch, 2 rows of hdc)

Repeat in pattern for 9 repetitions. Finish with 1 row of sc.

Marmalade and Strawberry Preserves

So...I revisited the marmalade and it turned out perfectly. I did everything the same, I just didn't cook it into candy :)

Then I decided to make some strawberry preserves! YUM! Turned out perfect the first time...

4 pints fresh strawberries
3 cups sugar
1 cup water
1T apple cider vinegar

Dice the strawberries and add everything to a large pot. Cook on medium - medium high heat, stirring constantly and maintaining a low boil. My batch took just a little over an hour. When everything has reduced almost in half, has thickened up and holds together on a spoon you are ready to can. Skim the foam at this point, if you want--I don't bother. Add boiling hot preserves to clean, HOT jelly jars, (mine fit in two quart jars) clean rims and seal. Turn jars over until cool.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Orange Marmalade

I think that watching Food Network is bad for my health...and the kids'! Last night we watched Bobby Flay's Throwdown. He was up against a lady from TN I think. They were making biscuits and jam. My 6 year old sat with me and asked me to make that for breakfast.

Well, I think I have honed my biscuit recipe the way that I like it so this morning bright and early here I am in the kitchen measuring flour and baking powder... I added too much salt and margarine just isn't working like butter would. But nonetheless I get those biscuits in the oven and I think about the half jar of preserves from the store in the fridge. I think about the amass of oranges in the fridge and decide that it shouldn't take too long to make marmalade. Right?

Well, I cut up a few oranges and add sugar to the pot and here we go. I get it to the perfect gel and then decide that I am going to give some to a friend, so I better can it properly.

Hmm...where are the lids?

I find the jars, wash them and set a pot to boil. I think I only have about three jars worth. But now my marmalade has cooled. I need it hot. So I turn the burner back on...bad idea. The whole pot crystallized! So now I have two jars of orange candy! Not what I wanted.

I will not be defeated by a few sugar crystals. This afternoon I'll try again. We will have marmalade if it kills me!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

It is Monday! Click on the link to find the official site and join the fun!
(February 3, 2010)...

Outside my window...a beautiful day that God made

I am thinking...about knocking out my chores and some work so I can get outside

I am thankful for...all of God's blessings on my life. Sometimes they are easily overlooked.

From the kitchen...dirty dishes and the makin's for chocolate cookies :)

I am and white striped tee, blue jeans, and pink and white sneakers

I am creating...a throw for my Sister in Law's new digs and a shawl for a friend's birthday

I am have to make a call to change the kids dentist today

I am reading...the book of Revelation.

I am remembering...God's promises for me

I am Dad is feeling his best today :)

On my

Noticing that...I haven't exercised with consistency for a while. I need to get busy

Pondering these words..."let it go"

Around the house...what I can't do today can wait until tomorrow. Unless they have sent the final, final notice for shut off. Then if I can't do it today I will do it in the dark tomorrow.

One of my favorite things...Springtime!

Here is a thought I am sharing...teach someone else a thing that gives you joy