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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wall hanging

I was working on a small wall hanging yesterday...then my machine jammed. I still have to do the quilting...

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Sleepover

The Sleepover

It seemed like the right thing to do
Refresh her ponytails
Make her look nice
for church

But I knew when I saw her
the dilemma she faced
when she innocently took down those two
unassuming braids

Like a nuclear explosion
tightly twisted locs became
an unruly mass of thick, unmanagable

I chuckled as I leaned into my husband's ear
A puzzled, "how do you know?"
was his query

But I knew
she would never again venture there
if the kids had another

Monday, May 25, 2009

I just realized...

I have fourteen followers! There are fourteen people watching what I write and who are watching what I am doing. There are fourteen who might be influenced by something I say or do, or don't say or don't do. That is pretty me. Fourteen. And for those fourteen I will continue to write, to journal, and to let you peek into my life. All the little things that I do to be shared with you. All fourteen. Thank you

Hey! Here's a picture of a covered book I made...wanna know how? Look below:

The covered book is a perfect project for the kids...


Composition book
1/4 yard fold of cotton fabric
(a "fat quarter" works perfect for this...ask at the fabric store)
2 pieces of cardstock


1. Open your fabric and place the open composition book on top. Cut the fabric about two inches larger than the book.

2. Cut a piece of batting large enough to cover the front and back of the composition book and cut the cardstock to about 1/4 inch smaller than the cover of the book.

3. Place the batting on the center of the fabric and place the book on top of the batting.

4. Cut a slit in the fabric toward the spine of the book, but stop about 1/2 inch away from the book.

5. Fold the fabric and the batting over the book and glue one of the edges of the fabric to the inside cover of the book, and repeat for the other two sides on that side of the book being careful to neatly fold in the corners.

6. Glue one of the pieces of cardstock to the inside of the cover to cover up the edges of the fabric.

7. Close the book and repeat 5 and 6 on the back cover.

And there you have it! How easy is that. Enjoy--

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Help Meet

WOW...On Tuesday morning I taught my bible study class a lesson on 1 Peter 3:1-6. I was a little nervous about it because some of the women had told me previously that they had "issues" with the Lord's admonition to submit to our husbands. Fortunately, I have been studying this topic for several months. I was pretty confident about what The Word says about wives and pretty confident about embracing what I learned, but I wasn't too sure about my ability to meet the but's and what if's with clarity, surety and assurance. I was determined not to argue about The Word. With wise counsel I decided it wise to stick to what the bible says, and come ready with scripture to back up anything that I would say. I imagined the possible scenarios and questions as I studied and prepared for the class.

Today is Wednesday and all I can say is WOW!!! The Lord moved in a wonderful way. He provided the words, the scriptures, and the tact to pull it off. The group was excited and motivated. But more importantly, I have grown by bounds and come so much closer to the Lord and my own husband. It is dynamic how the Lord moves in our lives. He is an Awesome God!!!

Check out this book... my girlfriend brought it to me many, many months ago. When I started reading I had a transformation and a renewing of my mind. When I let God change me I was eager to really hear and do His will. And for this...I am being blessed.

It can be purchased here:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day. My children, the five year old-s, made gifts for me at school. They were so excited they couldn't even wait until today. Two little styrofoam cup "flower pots" with colored paper flowers. In the pot were Hershey Kisses :). Jasmine's flower pot had five kisses, Clifford's only had three, about which he announced I was welcome to share with him...hmmmm. I shared, but I'm still wondering about the other two candies! This morning my usually Sunday-morning-sleeping-in husband is in the kitchen making waffles for the first time in his life and the kids are still in the bed. I peeked in the kid's room this morning and saw them sleeping so peacefully.

I came to my blog this morning to give props to my mother and my grandmothers (I was blessed to have three!!). A friend of mine said that I have mastered dying crafts. My sister in law says she knows she has to find her way to my house in the event of a major disaster...she knows we will survive... They talk about my crochet, knit, sewing, quilting, cross-stitching, latch-hooking, baking from scratch, canning, and pickling. The arts that I watched my mother and grandmothers perfect. The crafts that they spent summers teaching me while I sat at kitchen counters and on living room and sewing room floors. I appreciate them and the time they gave to me passing down traditions and seasoning my natural talents. Providing for me crafts to defeat the "I'm-bored-s". Those crafts that lend themselves nicely to gift giving and practical living. The crafts that remind me of the lovely ladies that made such an impact on my life, and in effect, the lives of my children and my husband. They each gave me a timeless reminder of them, and something to pass on to my own daughters.

So much thanks Mom, Grandma Garrett, Grandma Tisdale and Norma! Happy Mother's Day!