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Friday, February 27, 2009


I know I have issues. Mostly those that I need to simply "get over". But then there is that one thing that drives me mad! I bought this yarn at Jo-Ann's, Traditions, Debbie Mumm for Jo-Ann, a pretty green varigated color (Pine Needle), to make something pretty, maybe for my mom because it's her favorite color. So I start to crochet..and the yarn is bunching up behind my hand and winding back on itself. I am constantly pulling it straight. I learn to hold the yarn very loose, crochet very loose, and pull from the skein very loose. Then I realize that aside from that, I need to pull it out and start over because the stitch I'm using is too tight for this yarn and it's not looking really nice. To my dismay, pulling it out turned into a terrible activity. The yarn doesn't smoothly un-crochet. So I change my pattern and start over. I'm doing pretty well and finish up the first skein and pull yarn from the second to match where I am in the varigation. No--- the next skein is wrapped backwards from the first one and will crochet up in the reverse of what I was just making. Now I need to unravel the entire skein and wind a ball (remember this yarn winds back on itself if handled too roughly). I want to call the company and complain but there is no phone number on the skein. I've stopped working to get on the internet to find the company and a phone number to talk to someone about this. En route I decided to hit my blog. Sheesh...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

United States Copywright Law

Here's what I learned, directly from the United States Copyright Office:

"Copyright protection extends to a description, explanation, or illustration of an idea or system, assuming that the requirements of the copyright law are met. Copyright in such a case protects the particular literary or pictoral expression chosen by the author. However, it gives the copyright owner no exclusive rights in the idea, method, or system involved.

Suppose, for example, that an author writes a book explaining a new system for food processing. The copyright in the book, which comes into effect at the moment the work is fexied in a tangible form, will prevent others from publishing the text and illustrations describing the author's ideas for machinery, processes, and merchandising methods. But it will not give the author any rights to prevent others from adopting the ideas for commercial purposes or from developing or using the machinery, processes, or methods described in the book."

When people say you can not use their pattern to sell your own creations, they are wrong, according to the government. If they don't want you to make and sell anything from their pattern, they should keep it for themselves. That's what the big designers do.

Hope this helps clear the water...Check out the government site for yourself at the link above or go to

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tied down...

My computer died. I had been using my husband's computer. He now asks is it really his and can he use it again. But it died too. I hadn't realized how tied to that bit of machinery I had become. I spent hours tapping the keys. It had become my resource for everyday things. I used the computer to pull recipes for cookies and for little pieces of trivia. My husband loves trivia. My daily quiet time, after my husband leaves for work and before the kids get up for school I could be found on the computer, trying to sell my wares and chit chatting shop talk. My friend offered to let me use her's to check emails. But really, the computer has become more to me than a way to keep in touch. It has become a way of extention of life. There really is a little bit of me in that screen. I felt my heart swell up with pain when I realized the pictures of my kids could be lost forever, and again with relief when the repair man told me he was able to save my files. My recordkeeper and historian, a virtual library full of music and works. I am supposed to be reunited with the computer this afternoon. But I may need to reevaluate our relationship.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Heart's Desire

We should all have a passion.
Some "thing" that drives us,
divinely inspired and fulfilling.
Before, during and after our own lives are touched.
Given to purpose.
Knowing that we do what we do because
...and that we do what we do in spite of
...and that we do.
Breathed upon by God Himself,
a breath of life.
Given, freely, and in abundance.
We should be filled up in the doing.
Because we can.
And because we can - not.

My poem is inspired by this lovely lady and her etsy shop. Go check her out and support her cause.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well, almost... Starting March 1 until sold out I will be GIVING AWAY washcloths on my Etsy shop at My goal, at this point, is to give away 100 cloths! One to a customer, they will be listed for 20 cents which is my listing fee with Etsy. So what better deal? For 20 cents you get a crochet, 100% cotton washcloth made by your's truly. Want more? There will also be some for sale in sets of 3 for $12! And I take custom orders if you have a particular color scheme in mind.

Tell your friends and follow my blog!

(Terms subject to modification...however, there will definately be a giveaway begining March 1, 2009