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Friday, February 27, 2009


I know I have issues. Mostly those that I need to simply "get over". But then there is that one thing that drives me mad! I bought this yarn at Jo-Ann's, Traditions, Debbie Mumm for Jo-Ann, a pretty green varigated color (Pine Needle), to make something pretty, maybe for my mom because it's her favorite color. So I start to crochet..and the yarn is bunching up behind my hand and winding back on itself. I am constantly pulling it straight. I learn to hold the yarn very loose, crochet very loose, and pull from the skein very loose. Then I realize that aside from that, I need to pull it out and start over because the stitch I'm using is too tight for this yarn and it's not looking really nice. To my dismay, pulling it out turned into a terrible activity. The yarn doesn't smoothly un-crochet. So I change my pattern and start over. I'm doing pretty well and finish up the first skein and pull yarn from the second to match where I am in the varigation. No--- the next skein is wrapped backwards from the first one and will crochet up in the reverse of what I was just making. Now I need to unravel the entire skein and wind a ball (remember this yarn winds back on itself if handled too roughly). I want to call the company and complain but there is no phone number on the skein. I've stopped working to get on the internet to find the company and a phone number to talk to someone about this. En route I decided to hit my blog. Sheesh...

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