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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Orange Marmalade

I think that watching Food Network is bad for my health...and the kids'! Last night we watched Bobby Flay's Throwdown. He was up against a lady from TN I think. They were making biscuits and jam. My 6 year old sat with me and asked me to make that for breakfast.

Well, I think I have honed my biscuit recipe the way that I like it so this morning bright and early here I am in the kitchen measuring flour and baking powder... I added too much salt and margarine just isn't working like butter would. But nonetheless I get those biscuits in the oven and I think about the half jar of preserves from the store in the fridge. I think about the amass of oranges in the fridge and decide that it shouldn't take too long to make marmalade. Right?

Well, I cut up a few oranges and add sugar to the pot and here we go. I get it to the perfect gel and then decide that I am going to give some to a friend, so I better can it properly.

Hmm...where are the lids?

I find the jars, wash them and set a pot to boil. I think I only have about three jars worth. But now my marmalade has cooled. I need it hot. So I turn the burner back on...bad idea. The whole pot crystallized! So now I have two jars of orange candy! Not what I wanted.

I will not be defeated by a few sugar crystals. This afternoon I'll try again. We will have marmalade if it kills me!

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