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Friday, March 13, 2009

Private School

I started looking at private Christian schools for my Kindergarten twins. I thought that there might be money out help me send them to a "good" school. Ha!

Let me back up: My older three have been attending public schools for the last five years. In that time I have learned that though the district brags on their academic standings, they are in reality far behind being "good" schools. I laugh everytime I see the "California Distinguised School" logos. Really, what does that mean? I blame No Child Left Behind for the bulk of the problems and cash flow for the rest. I learned early-on with my dealings with these schools that they are more concerned with test scores and outcomes than they are with what the children have actually learned. Homework goes ungraded (not unmarked, they get credit for turning anything in. D's are passing, no matter what subject they are in, including PE and Art. It only takes 2 D's to promote to the next grade level (all F's in the other subjects is OK). They don't retain students (nope--they dumb-down the work). Good luck if your child has a true learning disability, it's like pulling the teeth of a rhinoceros to get and IEP and don't think for a minute that the teachers that complain about your child to you are going to have your back in the hearing!

I have tried my best to help them in their schooling, but it is really hard when they are in a school all day where dollars are more important than students. Hence my decision to try to get my children enrolled in a private school.

To my dismay, enrollment fees are in the thousands in my area. Like $4-5,000 each per year. Some offer modest discounts for multiple children, but others do not. That would run approximately $650 per month. But that doesn't include the $300 registration fee, uniforms, materials and books, field trips, sports and music fees, and three or more mandatory fundraisers that "complete" the cost of school because of course the 4 grand is discounted!!!

What ever happened to the vouchers? I guess that was voted down, and now I am left to either homeschool, continue to send my kids to the public schools, or my husband and I can work around the clock (oh! but there are no viable jobs--I forgot, we are in a recession).

I guess as long as those who make enough have the option to send their kids to the best schools do and they continue to pay taxes so my kids have somewhere to go all day, then public school is good enough for me. What are my kids going to become anyway? Fast food cooks, convenience store clerks, or cashiers at mega stores? They don't really need the "good" education. Let's reserve that for those who have the money. Sheesh!!!

Who knows...maybe God has some big surprise for me and my kids. I'll wait patiently on Him. I'll pray and I'll rejoice because He is still in the miracle business!

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  1. I hear ya! For me school is a "supplement" not the sole educator of my children, the rest is up to me...

    I believe clerks and cashiers at mega stores are legal means to get by, as most can see in a recession a masters degree does not mean "great career/job"...