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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Review: "Max on Life" by Max Lucado

Insightful! Delightful! Straightforward! Honest but Gentle!
Those are the words I would use to describe Max on Life by Max Lucado. I have always enjoyed reading books by Max Lucado because of his gentle way of presenting God's Word. Max on Life was no exception. I had a hard time reading it cover to cover. When I first received my free copy of the book for review from Booksneeze I went straight to the table of contents. "HOME- Diapers, Disagreements, and 'Any hope for prodigals?'" I flipped to page 151 and started there. As the mother of seven; two teenagers, a young adult, two grade-schoolers and two pre-schoolers I have often wondered if they would make me lose my mind before they grew up. And of course we all wonder if we are raising a child in the way he should go who won't choose to go that way...we worry about our children, if we are making good decisions, we struggle with family relationships and personal issues. Max Lucado touches on some of these big issues and sets a biblical basis for his answers. You don't believe him? Look it up for yourself, pray about it, and meditate on it. As I read I found myself taking a good look at myself.

Each section of the book is the answer to a question from a real letter that Max Lucado has received over the years, addressing everything from purpose to promise.

When I put the book down my 18 year old daughter promptly picked it up. I caught her flipping back and forth through the pages. She seemed to be as intrigued by finding out the answers as I was. She isn't a reader but fondly remembers a gift book that still sits on our bookshelf, Just in Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado, and I think she has long ago made him her "friend."

My only complaint about the book was that I wished for more substance. The questions are answered in about one page and I often wanted more. Some of the answers seemed way too simplified and elementary and didn't really address the problem. For example, there was a letter about a person with a bad temper. The answer was a page long analogy about water dripping and causing erosion. The bottom line was prayer and forgiveness. Not quite what I expected.

Nonetheless, I recommend the book because of its overall positive qualities and the loving insight of Max Lucado. If nothing more, it's a good starting point for study and meditation.

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