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Friday, December 2, 2011

2 December 11

They say...the older you get the faster time seems to pass. I suppose there is some truth to that. In as busy as we think we need to be we have our hours filled with activity. We have abandoned the time that we spent as children laughing with friends, coloring, and playing outside. Instead we opt to punch on computer keys, making appointments, getting things done. Even our free time is scheduled. Planned vacations and dinner dates. Spontaneity may be the timepiece we have neglected as we stare at complacency. As we age, regret and remorse tick-tock in the shadows of our minds causing us to battle vicariously the things that we don't have time for anymore. Seemingly. Skipping pages to get to the final chapter.

I am determined to slow this puppy down. Taking smaller steps and turning down random forks in the road. Lying down when I am tired and skipping as I am moved. Spending bigger moments in the presence of God and letting Him command a greater portion of my time. Dwelling.

Take off your shoes and start moving back the way you came. Spend some of that time.


  1. Religious aspects aside, I think you're right. Sometimes, however, there are people that find less value laughing with friends and playing with the kids, choosing to find joy in working hard or doing chores. I think it's a difference of priority than anything. The hope is that when we die, we believe that we've made the most out of life with as little to regret as possible. After all is said and done, it's a simple matter of what makes one happy.

  2. But what about the lapse of time? It is the quickening of time as we live through it that I tried to focus on. I offer that time flies because we aren't doing what makes us happy, gives us joy, or those things that we value. I agree that for some, working hard is the activity that brings joy, but does time still move too fast for those people? Maybe it's just cliche to say that time is flying by and really that's synonymous with "I didn't do what makes me happy."

    I think we agree :)