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Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Kid's Blue Jeans Scrappy Quilt

I made a quilt over the last two days. It's a lap size made from scraps of my kids old blue jeans. The instructions are at So I took that idea and chose not to put the contrasting colors in the center of the squares. So...This is what I learned and my gentle critique of the equilters pattern.

  • I used the lid from a container I had. It's about 5 inches or so across. I cut out 103 circles. I had three extra and ended up with a lap quilt 36" square.  
  • Making the square inside each circle proved to be the most difficult part of the whole project. I never did get that quite right and as I sewed the flaps down I found that I had a hard time matching up the lines and then I ended up with little gaps where four patches met on parts of the quilt. 
  • Seams, though are really cool design elements, are problematic. If I do this again, I will avoid the seams.
  • Stretchy jeans are bad. Use jeans without stretch. 
  • EASY!!! Once I had all the circles cut and started sewing them all together the work progressed really fast.
  • The effect of this quilt is really, really nice. 

I'm updating because I washed it today and took it outside to show the colors better. I LOVE IT!

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