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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jesus Lives book review

There is a lot to say about this cute, little book. Jesus Lives, by Sarah Young is a wonderfully written devotional that affirms Jesus' love, power and wisdom on a very personal level which affected my prayer and praise life.

When I first received the book I was surprised at it's size. It fits neatly in my purse and glove compartment. That certainly makes it easy to have with me all the time. I opened the cover, read the introduction and started right in on the first devotion. I was delighted to read a message to me, just as if Jesus were sending me a note! I love it. Definitely rooted in the Word, and noting scripture that certainly affirmed to Sarah Young, that this is what Jesus would say to me in this certain season of my life, or my day, this book is wonderful. I love the feeling that I got from the simulated conversations I was having with Jesus. Is this how He would, if He wrote me letters and notes of encouragement? I was encouraged to talk with Him.

Just yesterday, a friend and I were talking about how we always look at things from our perspective and it seems that God just hasn't done a work for us, but we must try to look through His eyes so we can see and appreciate that He is always working in our lives. Jesus Lives gives insight on Jesus' viewpoint. It shows me that He is aware of what I go through. It shows me His undying love for me.

Jesus Lives is not a calendar type devotional. There is a table of contents separated by theme. For example, some of the themes are His love, Peace, Pleasing Him, and Prayer. I found that opening the book and reading the first thing I turned to was just as fulfilling and rewarding as looking for a specific theme. The words are encouraging and uplifting. The words are full of love and compassion. I highly recommend this book in your walk with Christ.

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