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Friday, August 26, 2011


So after much online research about my newest sewing machine I find that it doesn't free-motion quilt. Bummer. So I dug out my old machine and it decided that it wasn't going to free-motion quilt either. REALLY? I've done a twin size quilt before with this machine. I took it apart, cleaned it, put it back together again, still get "spider webs" on the back of my practice swatch. Adjust the machine, disassemble, clean, assemble...nothing... grrrr. I put the machine up. A year later I pull that bugger out again. No go. I pack it back away. About three weeks ago I pull it out again, play with it and still can't get it to quilt. I now have a collection of quilt tops. So I decide to take it to an acquaintance to see if she can get my machine to work...then I didn't, I just packed it back up but didn't put it away, I just set it in the garage.  So I pull it out two days ago and...
I think I out-waited that sewing machine.

Or I just bullied it into doing what I wanted. Nonetheless, I got a quilt done!


  1. Very pretty quilt. :) I still need to find out how to use my new sewing machine.

  2. Thanks. I don't usually like crazy quilts but I loved this colors but I didn't have enough to make anything else. Note to self: 5 cuts next time to avoid the kites LOL!