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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Am I?

Am I who I am? Am I acting like the person I claim to be? A few weeks ago the Pastor gave a thought provoking message about being true. I reflected on the way home and then asked my husband, "Am I who I am?" He looked at me and smiled, maybe because hearing it was funny, or maybe he was thinking of a funny response, or maybe just because I am funny. Who knows? But he said, "Yes, I think so."

So ever since I have been considering who I am. Of course I am mommy, and I am wife, sister, daughter and friend. But I claim to be one of the King's kids, a child of the Most High, daughter of dear Adonai. In that...what does royalty act like? What does royalty wear? How does royalty speak? I decided, or God revealed, I'm not always clear about know, flesh... But I came to the understanding that I need to act like I possess the salvation that was purchased for me and to don righteousness and then to keep two things, and only two things in my mouth: praise and His message.

"I can do that," I thought to myself, and then the faucet in the shower wouldn't shut off, and the stove malfunctioned, and the kids wouldn't listen to me, and my truck is making some weird new sound, and my stomach started to hurt, and I got a headache, and...God is great, He is magnificent, He is worthy to be praised. Hallelujah! He is my glory, He is my redeemer. He is wonderful. His power abounds and sin is His enemy. He is the ruler of all things, the holder of all things holy, and the giver of new life! He loves me so much that He sent His Son to die so that I might be saved! Glory to Him! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord! Amen!


  1. Love your passion for the Lord!!

    many blessings-