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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't you need a hero?

I took the kids to the local movie theater yesterday. They are hosting a family film festival for the month of July into August. Free movies for the kids, one G and one PG rated film, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.

Yesterday's movie was "Everyone's Hero" - (Animation) G. I haven't seen such a wonderful movie for kids in a long time.

Yankee is a little boy in New York City when Babe Ruth was at the pinnacle of his career. The unscrupulous manager of the Chicago Cubs devises a scheme to stop Babe Ruth and the Yankees from winning the World Series. Yankee's dad works as a janitor at Wrigley Stadium. One night, while visiting his dad at work, Yankee witnesses one of the Cub's players steal Babe Ruth's lucky bat, Darlin'. Yankee and his dad are blamed for the disappearance of the bat and his dad is fired. The rest of the film is Yankee's adventures trying to retrieve the bat and return it to Babe Ruth.

Ten year old Yankee has problems on the sandlot because he's not a good baseball player, but he makes friends with a ornery baseball he names Screwy who talks, but only to Yankee. Yankee finds encouragement from his dad, Screwy, Darlin' and Babe Ruth, giving him the courage to keep on going, to do what's right and to never give up!

When we are so inundated with all that is unholy, vile, and blasphemous, it really was encouraging to see such positive messages in a family film. I laughed, the kids laughed, my little ones were intrigued, I teared up a little bit (don't tell), and we all left the theater feeling good, uplifted, and maybe a little empowered!

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