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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tellin' Lies


It can be
so much easier
to retell the story --
I always tell my kids
If the story that you tell
is the one
that really is!

If you have kids, you know the look, the one that hangs on the words of deception; eyebrows raised as if to force the point. The look that children equate with truth-telling, though it certainly belies falsehoods. Their mouths uttering one thing and their faces saying "really!" More a question than a statement..."really -- don't you believe me?" And then, due to the lack of response from the already schooled-on-it parent they continue to talk, digging a hole deep enough to bury the entire house.
And when they become teens, there is the belligerent and loud, sometimes whiney, "You never believe me!"

Today's Poetic Asides prompt is: write a poem that deals with telling the truth--or even with telling a lie, hope you liked my spin on it :o)

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