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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Poem A Day (PAD) Challenge

So, though I haven't posted in a while, I have been writing, crocheting, and quilting. And...I just started, be it, two days late, the Poetic Asides November Chap Book Challenge. Here's my first three poems!

House Hunters

Deep in California Suburbia
combing through the pages of a well used street map
alert and adept at eyeing street signs at great distances.
A stack of floor plans and price lists stacked neatly on the seat
listings printed off the internet
and glossy cards announcing who works for whom.
Builders credentials and an uncanny ability to notice the
slightest defects in workmanship.
Wondering about rooftops and Spanish tiled floors.
From one door to the next
the scent of newness
Glue and carpet fibers, fresh paint.
Kitchenettes and Nooks beginning to melt together in the mind's eye
walls closing in and opening up
Great Rooms made stately examples of prominence and stature
Guest Rooms set aside for in-laws and boomerang children
Chasing prices through neighborhoods
as checks are written and mailed each month
The trek
only a practice run
through quiet, California Suburbia


I hate riding in the back seat
where there is no control
over the direction, the radio, or the heat.
Leaning forward to talk into the backs
of heads and uninvited to the conversation
directed toward the winshield.
Unashamedly the place reserved for children
or bags of groceries or the family dog.
A vile place to be
when riding as a party of three 
to find oneself stuck riding in the back seat.

It's Electric

My husband
bless his heart
has begun to ground himself
before reaching over to kiss me
Saving himself
the torture of the spark
loud and persistent
that smacks his lips
and brings water to his eye
as he tries to greet me
at the end of his work day
A violent response
of a positive - negative reaction
that I argue
is my electric magnetism

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