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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Take Your Best Shot by Austin Gutwein - Book Review

No sooner had I put Take Your Best Shot down my, "I don't like to read," 16 year old daughter picked it up. The book is an inspiration to step up and do what God has given you the gifts to do and to make a difference, if not for the entire world, for someone's entire world. Take Your Best Shot is an easy read, with the familiar voice of a young person. But youth does not stop Austin Gutwein from sharing wisdom beyond his years. And, sharing is what this book does best. It certainly isn't a book that lectures you into submission, rather it engages the reader in conversation and interaction, deep thoughts and contemplation. There are places in the book to jot down notes, and Austin encourages his reader to mark the book up with thoughts and notes. I wanted to, but a few pages into Take Your Best Shot I knew that I was going to share this book with my two teenagers and I did not want mom's thoughts to interfere with the personal discovery and growth I know this book will inspire. I definately recommend this book to EVERYONE, of every age and every stage of life. If you have never looked at how you can impact the world, see the world through Austin's eyes and discover something wonderful about yourself!

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