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Saturday, November 21, 2009

There Just Aren't Enough Hours

Seems that the more I do the more time there is to do it. I know that sounds ridiculous. But that affords me the time to procrastinate. Right? Then I run out of time... Now I find myself in the wee hours of every morning trying to do those things that I found that there just weren't enough hours for the day before... maybe, on second thought, I just need medicaiton.

Nonetheless, I have been neglecting my daily and weekly writing prompts...and Lord knows I need those in order to maintain some of my sanity. Catching up on my friend's blog (, I found the 5th Grade 5 Word monologue words inspiring. Forgiveness, though most oftentimes something that is given, sometimes needs to be a gift to self. Here goes:

Brokenness, morally, careening, anarchy, and brazenness

The brazenness I felt that morning could have been the cause of my abruptness. Short and harsh. Blunt and piercing, I winced as the words danced off my lips. There was no turning back. I felt myself careening out of control as I succummed to my attitude fearing that the damage was already done. So why not just go ahead and finish speaking my mind? And when I had said my peace--when I had exhausted the battery of words that I flung forth I noticed the brokenness that was left in my midst. Spouting off in some uncontrolled anarchy I wondered at what I had done. I wondered if the wounds left by my tongue...this vipers tongue... would ever heal. Morally wounded myself, I pained at the damage, kicking about the remnants at my feet. I stooped and slowly gathered up the pieces. And with tears like glue and words of healing and repentance I offered back all that had been the result of my malady.

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