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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

(January 18, 2010)...
Outside my window... it has been raining most of the day. I sent the dog out in it and went to brush my teeth. When I returned he was outside the window, trying to sit in the bit of cover from the elements very close to the house.

I am thinking...though it is late, my six year old is watching a superhero movie, and maybe I should let him watch it instead of enforcing his bed time.

I am thankful for...being diligent enough to complete an unfinished project.

From the kitchen...half of a cake from the grocery store. All the dishes are done, so I eat a slice from my fingertips.

I am wearing...permanently stained khakis, a purple shirt and my new cozy green fleece jacket.

I am creating...something new this week. I have some scrumptious yarns waiting on me patiently.

I am find a warm and comfy spot. It's been a long day.

I am reading..."Trading Dreams at Midnight" by Dianne McKinney-Whetstone...slowly.

I am remembering...what is was like to struggle with memorizing math facts as I forced my kids to cram this weekend.

I am hoping...that there is nothing that can stop my children from achieving all that they dream.

On my mind...positive thoughts and simple, positive things.

Noticing that...stress can only be inside of me if I let it.

Pondering these words...I must be doing good if bad thinks I'm worth the trouble.

Around the house...the noises are much too loud this late in the evening.

One of my favorite being in the car, alone, driving to or from some activity that was just for me.

Here is a thought I am sharing...thinking about working out doesn't burn any calories.

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