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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Yesterday was a really hard day for me, mentally. I spent a good amount of time on the phone with difficult people and difficult situations. It's a shame that large companies get away with what they do... Anyway, here's my daybook entry for this week. It will reflect my life this morning :)

(January 26, 2010)...

Outside my window...There can be nothing but peace. God promised me peace, so today, before I go out into the world to face whatever comes at me, I claim peace!

I am thinking...about the chores I have to complete today, how I will do everything and the time that I promise myself for today.

I am thankful for...God's unfailing love and grace.

From the kitchen...A LARGE stack of dishes.

I am wearing...dirty jeans and a scrubs top. My favorite, handmade slippers :)

I am creating...a clean and comfortable space for my family and me

I am sanity. Wherever I go. I will not let the world make me crazy.

I am prepare for Sunday morning.

I am father in his strength.

I am hoping...that this season comes to an end soon, that I can realize the growth that has taken place, and I can move on to that next level.

On my mind...the kid's school projects and how we will complete them.

Noticing hasn't rained in several days.

Pondering these words...second chances.

Around the house...lots to do. Today this is my challenge. It will be my success.

One of my favorite things...a clean car, inside and out

Here is a thought I am sharing...use a thesaurus and expand your vocabulary.

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