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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book Review: "How to Be God's Little Princess" by Sheila Walsh

_140_245_Book.368.cover.jpgHow very sweet a book!

I received a complimentary copy to review from Thomas Nelson. I thought I would share this book with my seven year old daughter. As I read through the book, in my opinion, I found it to be better suited for a girl a little bit older than her for reading alone. Her age with help. I would recommend the book for girls 9-15.

 "How to Be God's Little Princess" reminded me of the etiquette classes we took as pre-teens. The lessons are taught in a way that is unassuming and gentle. Girls are reminded to be sweet, clean, and ladylike. I really enjoyed the humor in the book and the easy and silly short "quizzes" at the end of each section. The thing I liked best about "How to Be God's Little Princess" was that it's not just about how society and your mother expect girls to behave, it's about how God expects girls to behave and being a good witness for Christ. To Ms. Walsh...Well done!

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