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Monday, March 7, 2011

Book review: "Captured by Grace" by David Jeremiah

If you listen to Dr. Jeremiah on the radio and are touched by his teachings then you have to pick up a copy of Captured by Grace. I received a free copy of the book to review from Thomas Nielson,

We had just started a series in Bible study on forgiveness. We talked about those things in our past that we still haven't gotten over, the things in our present that hold us back and the things that keep us from moving forward. So Captured by Grace was right on time. As I do with many of the Thomas Nielson books I used this book as a devotional, reading a bit each day. Dr. Jeremiah showed me why I need to forgive myself based on the grace of God-- in my past, through the present, looking toward the future. His writing is straightforward and his examples, as always, were right on point. My favorite person in the Bible, Paul, is the topic of a great analogy to show God's awesome grace.

Captured by Grace  is a easy read and I would recommend it for everyone's library.

I passed my copy on.

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