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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I received a phone call today...long story short, we came to a discussion about the word "enquire" being used in an acronym. "I don't like it," I told my friend. She told me she hadn't made up the acronym, and was using what was already determined. I thought about it some more and said it a few times aloud. "I know what bothers me about it. It is the spelling of the title of a not-so-reputable, slanderous, scandalous periodical. I don't think we should use it. We need to think of something else." After some brief contemplation and discussion we agreed on "empower". There is a wide divide between those two words. Word. Is it a word if it isn't? That's a curious thought. But anyway, we decided that "empower" can be interpreted as giving or receiving. It's a good word, as words go, strong and positive.

On that note, I have a capelet that emits that sentiment: strong and positive, empowering. The perfect gift for Valentine's Day... SHIPPING is FREE in the U.S.!!! I will ship pre-wrapped for ease of gift giving, just add a card and you're ready to go!!! Plus receive 15% off when you mention this blog on your purchase (wait for an updated receipt)
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