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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Into the New Year

On the dawning of the new year I have made my premature resolution to begin a blog. The purpose? Well, to market myself, my work and my passions, to erect a journaling about my children, and to use many of the words I have floating around in my head. Entertaining for you; possibly. Therapeudic for me; definately.

2009 will surely mark the begining of a new era. Remarkably we are about to welcome the first African American President into office. Some of us worry that the United States is not ready, some argue that we aren't far enough removed from the volitile struggles of the 50s and 60s, and still others declare that Black America won't be able to handle it; that said by African Americans. But I look with the sun in my eyes over the horizon. My future is bright. The future of my children even brighter. We cheered when one of us, one simple one of us, stood up and stood out. Visions of the impossible broken into a million pieces and scattered in the streets. We held parades and parties, we danced and sang, and cried, and we held each other as each generation has faced her own victories of the past and shared this inevitable victory for the future. The greatest accomplishment in this country, for our people, and this nation.

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