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Monday, January 5, 2009


I started teaching Sunday School to the school age kids at church. The first week was a real plan in mind. The second week we talked about prayer. I encouraged them to keep prayer journals. I supplied the notebooks and pencils, a calendar and notes about prayer.

I too started a prayer journal. I've got lots to talk over with God. I've many faults and problems, and issues. So I pull out my journal, I read the inspiring notes (because my journal is a published book, a journal for women with a guide)and bow my head. I'm sitting at the kitchen table because if I'm anywhere near the computer I have this uncontrollable urge to work on promoting my Etsy shop... So I pray and jot down some notes about my prayer, and make my way to the computer (I landed another alchemy! woohoo)

Come Sunday morning I realize maybe I'm worse than the kids. I wrote in my journal one day. The rest of my journal is full of blank pages. One week---spent. What happened to all my encouraging words? That uplifting speech about how doing this would change their lives. What about my life? Geez...

With head lifted high, I went into the church yesterday and confessed to my class that I had not fulfilled the homework. A sigh of relief and smiles brightened their faces. They must have thought I was going to ask to see their journals. I told them that we would try harder this week. I taught about faith this Sunday, but maybe I should have talked about passion, or focus, or maybe I should have talked about diligence.

I gotta get off the computer and pray...

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  1. That is funny, I too try to keep a journal, I have about 10, I get them about halfway and then I don't write for a long time. then Back to writing. I really wish I wrote more. I also plan to at one point write a book. But have not started yet. I love teaching Sunday School.I grew up around your parts, in Perris,Riverside,Rubidoux. We used to go to Lake Elsinore quite a bit. When it had water in it. Does it have water now?