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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration day

Happy Inauguration Day! I woke up this morning and thought, I wonder what it feels like to wake up knowing that today is the day you become President of the United States. Did Barak Obama get up early this morning? Could he even sleep last night? Did he and Michelle giggle the night away in anticipation? Was he nervous? Did he think about the impact for our country and the awesome responsibility? I wonder if he ate breakfast this morning. Could he, or were the butterflies too much? I wonder if he woke up and prayed today, a thankful, praise-filled prayer.

Enveloped in the quiet of the new day
Surrounded by the sound of silence
He stood posed
Reflected in the bath glass
He saw into himself
And it took his breath away
His heart pounded wildly in his chest
Blinking away the tears
Joy and peace
Sorrow or worry
He didn't know
The weight of his country rest on his shoulders
And he sighed as a familiar voice whispered
In his ear
I Am
A gentle nod
The weight of his family
I Am
A gentle nod
And he straightened his tie
As he took one last look
Grining a toothy grin
He rested his hand on the knob

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