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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews - Book Review

"How Your Life Matters" is a fitting subtitle for Andy Andrews' new book, The Butterfly Effect, because your life really does matter, not just to yourself, but to and in the lives of others, those you have contact with and those you don't even know exist. Decisions that you make today may impact people miles away or decades away, the effects go on and on. This book may entice you to ponder a bit before you make your next move!

I have read Andy Andrews before and have been pleased. This short and easy to read illustration of how everything that you do has an effect outside of your little bubble. I had considered this concept before, but the way that Andrews shares his spin on it is interesting. Without retelling the story, I have to say that there is a little confusion about who is related to whom and how they effect the others, but once I slowed down and carefully thought through each character and how he related to the others it clicked. The book is wonderful and I will share my copy.

By the way...this is another one of those Booksneeze! reviews :)

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