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Monday, August 16, 2010

On My Loves and Making Money

I will send off another batch of manuscripts today. I received my first rejection letter last week. I was excited. One "No" gets me that much closer to a "Yes." It's a rite of passage.

My love of writing and my love of children has evolved to another level. Putting what I do orally on paper and asking others if they see the value in my words that I thought I put there. The inspired text? I think so. I hope so. Words with purpose. And now I am desperately trying to transform my words from personal to public, from fun to paid. Not simply for the paycheck, but also for the sharing. Relaying the message that I have, the pieces of wisdom and maybe a little bit of whimsy.

The next project is taking it's place on the keyboard as emails are send with inquiry letters and high hopes.

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