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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where is God? by Dr. John Townsend - a book review

Where is God? by Dr. John Townsend is a book that addresses the omnipresence and sovereignty of God through the hard times in life. Dr. Townsend guides readers to realize God's role in the rough patches of life by revealing His promises in scripture and translating them into our reactions to trouble. Knowing that God is always there and that He handles situations in ways that may not be clear to us on the surface, Dr. Townsend shares insight on God's intentions for us.

It has taken forever for me to muddle through Where is God? The opening was an intriguing near death narrative, but then the author gets stuck on telling stories and writing lists. The style of writing is reminiscent of college work. Lots of repetition to meet the page requirement. I quickly bored of the book and had to force myself to read on.

During my reading I faced some real-life struggles and found the advice and guidance in Where is God? to be a weak consolation that God is still there with me through the tough times.

What Where is God? did do is to what I already knew giving me valid and on-point scripture. I liked the way the chapters are broken down and found the book to be a viable resource when I needed scripture or guidance in a particular characteristic of God and His relationship to me in time of difficulty. Where is God? provided a good starting point. I was able to use the information in my own Bible study and prayer time with God.

I received a free copy of Where is God? to review for Thomas Nielson (

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